Graflex Cameras

Read about different cameras made by Graflex and other manufacturers.

The Graflex Speed GraphicFAQ

Answers to frequently-asked questions about the Graphics.  Our most popular page!

Everything you ever wanted to know... but didn't know where to ask. History...Models...Lenses...Features... Accessories...Recommendations. 

Graflex Graphic Model History

Specifications and pictures of the Graflex Graphic series of press cameras: Speed Graphics, Crown Graphics, Century Graphics, and more. If you want to know which model Graphic you have, look here first.

Graflex Major Products List

List of all major Graflex products, with names, and dates of first and last availability. Less detail than the Graphic press camera list above, but more coverage.

Graphic View Series

Graflex produced three view cameras, the Crown View, the Graphic View and the Graphic View II. In their day, they were used by Berenice Abbot and O Winston Link.

The Graflex XL

The XL camera series was the last Graflex produced. The design was a radical departure from the Speed Graphic series, and the camera never gained popularity in its era. Now, the XL commands a premium, mostly because of its high-quality lenses. 

Craig McClure's Special XL Cameras

Craig McClure has some unusual Graflex XL cameras, modifications and prototypes, and a few XL-like cameras as well.

The Graflex R.B. Super D

The Graflex "Graflex" camera is amazing: a large-format SLR, complete with swinging mirror, and an automatic stop-down diaphragm, all over fifty years ago. The Graflex Super D revolving-back single-lens reflex cameras was the last Graflex SLR made. See the Series D article and the online manual for the entire Graflex reflex series.

Graflex Announces New Auto Focus Graphic  [Hot!]

The first new camera from Graflex in over 20 years.

The Meridian

Read about the Meridian 45A, a camera made by a Graflex competitor, and hailed as a significant advance over the Speed Graphic when it was announced in 1945. Few were made or sold...

[Graflex-22, 2x2 TLR sold by Graflex]

Graflex 22

Graflex sold a 2x2 inch TLR, a follow-on to the Ciroflex.

[Graflex Ciro-Flex, a 6x6 TLR camera sold by Graflex]

Graflex Ciro-Flex

Graflex 120 TLR camera.

[Graflex Ciro-35, a 35mm camera sold by Graflex]

Graflex Ciro 35

Graflex 35 mm camera, circa 1953.

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