Graflex: the View Cameras
By Gerald Pierce
[Crown View, Graphic View, and Graphic View II]


Graflex produced only three cameras which may be considered as true view cameras. It was best known for its press cameras and the big Graflex SLR's. There were also these three view cameras, the Crown View (1938-42), the Graphic View (1941-49) and the Graphic View II (1949-67). The Graphic View and View II cameras were produced and sold in volume. A pristine example of either can be purchased for the price of a modern roll film back, and it probably will come with a usable lens. The cameras may be dismissed today by some as unworthy because they are so inexpensive, but the low price is a result of the fact that so many were made. So many were made because photographers wanted them. They wanted them because they were (and are) fine cameras. These view cameras were well made and remain a viable option for the large format photographer.
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