My wife has been working recently on a BBC TV drama series called Jekyll. It's a neat idea, based on the idea of the Jekyll & Hyde 'gene' being passed down to future generations. The lead character is played by James Nesbitt.

The Art Department required some 'period' photographs of Mr. Nesbitt as Dr. Jekyll. I volunteered to do the job with my '48 Pacemaker 23 Crown Graphic, using a couple of 'lever-wind' 6x9 backs that I got from a great dealer in Chicago.

I shot in natural light, using Agfa RSX200, and am extremely pleased with the results, as were the show's producers.

"Jekyll" will air in the UK in the spring.

Andrew Montgomery
Richmond, Surrey,
Jekyll Copyright 2007 AJM/BBC/Hartswood Films - Andrew Montomery - Speed Graphic

Copyright 2007 AJM/BBC/Hartswood Films

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