Graphic Experiences

Graflex.Org readers write in to share their experiences with Graflexes past and present.
Write us with your memories and pictures.

The Isle of Capri

[Scoppa with Graphic] Federico Scoppa photograps Italy with his Speed Graphic.

Watch the Ball

[Two Speed Graphics] Our "little reporter with the big camera" needed some instructions...

Adverse Conditions

[Arch Smith in a SCAPE suit with a 4x5 Super Graphic] This picture of me was taken during the research and develepment program of the Titan II at Cape Canaveral...

My First Time

[Photo] I write to you from Lil' Ole England to tell you that I recently acquired a very fine 1948 Pacemaker 23 Crown Graphic...


Copyright 2007 Andrew Montgomery No longer using his Graflex for the first time, Andrew writes us back about his publicity photos for a major motion picture.

Edward Fox

Copyright 2007 Andrew Montgomery Andrew Montgomery explores the rich tones of pre-war ADOX film, this time with a roll and a twist.

Studio Graphics

[Tiki] I used my 4 x 5 Graflex to take advertising photographs for a brochure for BBQ replacement parts and the result was an immediate success. The photographs -- clear, sharp and very detailed -- made the brochure.

A Graphic Memory

This picture was made for our Christmas card in 1940. I was six weeks old. 

Crash Course

As a teenager in the early 1950's in Burbank, California I had a deep interest in photography. One day I heard a converted B-26 had crashed. I rushed to the Speed Graphic gained me instant passage through the police lines.

Apollo I

The Saturn 5 rocket had 7.5 million pounds of thrust! I thought it would light things up.

The Enchanted Rock

Michele Vacchiano uses his Graflex Super Graphic to photograph the land, nature, and the people of the Italian western Alps.  In La roccia incantata (The Enchanted Rock, 1992)  he photographs and writes about Italy's Grand Paradise National Park

News Graphics

A working press photographer reminisces about his favorite Anniversary Graphic. And hear more here.

Graphic Testimonial

A cinematographer gives the top 10 reasons to use your Graphic.

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