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Tom Lubens
Tom Lubens is a professional photographer using Graflex cameras.  In 1996, Tom produced forty-one photographs with his 4x5 Graphic for a BBQ industry sales catalog.  Here is Tom's story and a few photographs.  Tom produced forty-one photographs with his 4x5 Crown Graphic for a BBQ replacement parts industry sales catalog.  Here is Tom's story

I use my 4 x 5 Graflex to take advertising photographs for the company I work for.  I used it to take photographs for a full color brouchure for BBQ replacement parts and the result was an immediate success.  Within one week of it hitting buyers desks nationwide we had an order from a twenty store chain.  The buyer saw what he liked and bought it.  I believe the photographs -- clear, sharp and very detailed -- made the brochure.

Technical data:
The 41 photographs were taken with the 4x5 Graphic camera.  All lighting was 3200K photofloods (hot lights).  Most were taken in my office space that measured approximately 12' x 12'.  A couple of others were taken in an old dusty barn.  Some were scanned into a computer and the background was electronically removed.  Most of the exposure s ranged from 1/4 second to 2 seconds.  I used a tripod (very old and heavy) that has since died and gone to where broken tripods go.  I used Kodak slide film, 64T Ektachrome, shot as ASA 64.  Most photographs were shot at f/16-f/22 aperture.

Tom Lubens
Perkasie, PA

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Photographs Copyright 1997 Tom Lubens
Scans are from halftoned catalog images, and do not reflect original image quality.

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